Shortly speaking Wellness is a healthy lifestyle in all the spheres, whose aim is to keep the balance between mind, body and spirit. Wellness considers human’s mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and economical needs.  It has been known for ages that “a sound mind lies in a sound body” but despite that knowledge not many people do much to keep their spirit happy and healthy. Wellness, just as aromatherapy is a long-term process, but keeping a healthy lifestyle for an extended period of time will help us sustain positive energy and thus be healthier and happier. That is why instead of popping more chemical based supplements and medications let us try to change our lifestyle. There is no specific guideline for a Wellness style of life as each of us perceives our surroundings a bit differently. There are, however, several elements well known to us which describe the Wellness World.


Exercising is a perfect way to relieve stress and recharge the inner energy sources. 30 minutes of swimming or walking intensively will positively affect our shape, figure, and in consequence our health.


What we eat and how we eat it has an enormous influence on our entire body’s functioning. Properly composed meals will allow us to restore the energy necessary for life and keep the body in harmony with our organism and mind. We need to relish what we eat and this way we experience new levels of taste, which could never be discovered eating no matter what, and no matter when in haste. We should try to eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and fish.


Sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of our organism. During sleep heart rate and pressure are settled, the breath becomes deeper, the organism regenerates itself, rebuilds itself and regulates all the processes happening in the human body. Good sleep is a reflection of our lifestyle. Food full of vitamins, walking, exercise and a regular, well organised daily schedule which ends with a warm bath with essential oils ( I recommend lavender) is a guarantee of a deep and healthy sleep. Not releasing our body into Morpheus’ embrace will result in decreased concentration, lower level of hormones, dissatisfaction, unjustified short temper, circulation disturbances and many more negative effects which throw our bodies out of balance. For ages sleep was, is and will remain the best remedy to everything.


Relaxation is a very wide term arising from each of the above-mentioned elements of Wellness lifestyle. Relaxation is when our body is at rest – this means standing against all the things which make us feel stressed.  Sometimes all it takes to relax is a short coffee break, relaxing your muscles, taking a deep breath or a short nap. A moment of relaxation increases our physical and mental effectiveness.



Laughter is the best medicine and a minute of laughter extends your life by one hour according to the Far Eastern culture. Laughter is a spontaneous reaction of the nervous system either involuntary or planned by us. It improves blood circulation, activates face and body muscles, improves concentration, increases the endorphin secretion (the happiness hormone), deepens the breath and is the best in  social interactions. When laughing, we improve our mood, surroundings and health. That is why we should laugh as much as possible.


Happiness, satisfaction, longing for feelings, closeness and understanding – those are our natural, human needs. That is exactly what we search for in relationships with those closest to our heart. We want to be open to another person, trust them and have the certainty that there is always someone we can count on. Each sphere – be it  spiritual, physical or mental is an area where we can share and exchange our feelings, sensations and thoughts with someone close to our heart.


By looking, smelling, tasting, touching and listening we learn the world surrounding and try to understand life. However, if we thought about it some more, we would realize that there are more senses than those five mentioned…


When we are born we consist in 96% of water, when we are adults water comprises 75% of our organisms, just as the brain. Water is the source of life and water therapy is the oldest type of physical therapy which spans over 100 various hydro-therapeutic treatments. Such a vast usage of water in therapy arises from its physical  properties. It is a powerful conductor, intermediary and energy source. It has the ability to change its state of matter, transforming subtle energy sources on the  physical and spiritual level. Water is a constant element of life and transformations on earth and that is why we have to respect it and appreciate its power. A warm bath, relaxation by the sea or a glass of cold water on a hot day can always make us want to live even more.



Light, aside from water is the biggest source of life on earth. Light stimulates secretion of hormones responsible for sleep and stress. Lack of light often leads to seasonal depression. Reasonable sun bathe always brings the feeling of deep relaxation, and the nice shade of bronze on our skin gives it shine, healthy look and boosts our mood.



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