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    Check out what else we can provide.
  • Jacuzzi & Hot tubs

    Jacuzzi & Hot tubs

    Superior quality luxury jacuzzi and hot tubs. With our offer will have you and your friends and family relaxing in warm bubbles in the comfort of your own garden.
  • Garden


    Multipurpose wooden cabins can surely improve your garden. Office cabin? Workshop? Summer house?
  • Sauna Aromas & Body Care

    Sauna Aromas & Body Care

    With our range of body care and essential oils, you will enhance mood, relax your body, and tune up your mental wellbeing
  • Lights


  • Building your sauna – components

    Building your sauna – components

    Customize your sauna by choosing different parts and modules.
  • Sauna Accessories

    Sauna Accessories

    We offer the wide variety of sauna accessories from top brands. Everything you require to boost your sauna experience in one place.
  • Ready-made saunas

    Ready-made saunas

    Ready-made sauna cabins are available with many different features and materials. Great looks and easy installation in the same package.
  • Outdoor saunas

    Outdoor saunas

    Our outdoor saunas are available in many different sizes and you can customize many of them to suit your own needs.
  • Electric sauna heaters

    Electric sauna heaters

    Our electric heaters range offers many different options to meet your needs. Spruce up your sauna with stylish electric heater
  • Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

    Wood Burning Sauna Stoves

    With the Wood Burning Sauna Stoves, you will enjoy the sauna culture in its most authentic Finish way


    Separate control units are suitable for our electric heaters. Our control panels can be surface mounted or embedded into the wall, and they can be installed inside or outside the sauna room.
  • Sauna heaters

    Sauna heaters

  • Sauna Doors

    Sauna Doors

    High quality, good-looking and unique Sauna Doors


    Sauna ventilation parts forms the basis for a good climate in your sauna.
  • Sauna Wall & Ceiling Woods

    Sauna Wall & Ceiling Woods

    Choose our sauna wood for your interior. Customize your design with our specialists.
  • Sauna Stones

    Sauna Stones

  • Sauna accessories sets

    Sauna accessories sets

  • Sauna bucket and ladle

    Sauna bucket and ladle

  • Sauna Bench Wood

    Sauna Bench Wood

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Select from the options below to create your perfect sauna,

add sound and lightning to eng


Select from the options below to create your perfect sauna,
add sound and lightning to eng


Promotes calming and relaxing effect


Invigorates the senses, improves circulation and relieves headaches.


Calms nerves, improves memory, confidence and creativity.


Stimulates, soothes and cools.

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