Wooden Hot Tub – Wood-Heated Hot Tub


Wooden Hot Tubs

Wooden Hot Tubs have been known for over 2 thousand years. They are a traditional method of keeping their users in good health and mood, especially at times of low temperatures. Proper usage increases immunity to diseases, strengthens the organism and relaxes. Baths in the wooden tubs have a very good effect on blood circulation, the respiratory tract, metabolism, obesity, joint illnesses and rheumatic pains.



diameter 236 cm,

height 116cm,

persons 8-12,

capacity 2m3,

Wood: spruce,

Underwater lighting,

Laminate cover,

wooden step for easy access and safe


Wooden Hot Tubs with laminate filler and Wood-Heated Stove

The garden wooden Hot Tubs with laminate filler of resins used for production of pools and yachts are a perfect solution for keeping the Hot Tub clean and make the maintenance easier. Laminate filler tub is a solution which ensures 100% water impermeability without the necessity to keep the water inside as is the case with solid wood wooden tubs due to the fact that laminate does not dry out. The average wall thickness is 6 cm which consists of the outer wood layer, inside laminate and an additional layer of thermal isolation of polyfoam located between the wood and the laminate



Heater with a chimney, wooden heater cover, steps ( for BW-23 a single platform), stainless steel bands, natural non-impregnated wood. WBW-19 and BW-23 possibility to install hydro-massage at additional cost. Other equipment elements available on the Wooden Hot Tub Accessories below.


Additional garden wooden tub accessories

– cover

– double doorstep

– sand filter

– jacuzzi

– lighting

– laminate colours (cream, blue, grey, white)



Wooden cover

Heating stub pipes

Wooden doorstep for a tub or sauna (minimal price for 1m2)

Platform, single wooden step for entering the tub 30x30x125cm

Platform, double step for entering the tub

Assortment of heater tools (shovel, sweeper, poker)

Single point double halogen lighting of various colours along with installation.

INTEX sand filter with capacity of up to 4500l/h with installation and a 0.35 KW skimmer

…., sand filter casing for the tub

5 nozzle jacuzzi system for hydro massage and water airing with installation, 0.75 KW power

10nozzle jacuzzi system for hydro massage and water airing with installation, 1.1 KW power

Octopus O-2 submersible internal heater (chimney made of 2 Ø130 pipes, cover, roof) power up to 16KW, fuelled with wood

Hot Tub impregnation (Extra Sadolin stain varnish)


More information will be coming soon!


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