Sauna wood Abachi – Sauna Cladding

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Abachi – a palm tree with a pore structure that grows in the tropics. Has a small density that prevents heat lining even at the highest temperature in the sauna room. When the temperature rises in the sauna, the Abachi wood takes the temperature of the air, but as soon as you touch the wood, it immediately takes the temperature of the human body. Wood is smooth, without knots and resin, quite soft, moisture resistant, easy to work with, often has a colour from cream to straw yellow.


Triplochiton scleroxylon is a tropical tree of Africa. The timber is known as Abachi. This material feels nice to the touch and has beautiful smooth and fine structure.
But the main property of Abachi is its low thermal capacity and the lack of in-depth warm-up. Its main advantage does not simply lie in the fact that the Abachi shelf does not warm up to the temperature of the surrounding environment (for example, hot sauna), but rather in the fact that it takes over the temperature of the body of the person who sits on it very quickly. Abachi has excellent thermal insulation properties (when the temperature in the sauna is 90-110°C, the temperature of the Abachi shelf surface does not exceed 40°C).


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