Sauna Whisk



                                                                                                                                                                                Original  product produced in the Ural. 

Oak sauna whisks are perfects for those who love intensive warmth. Oak leaves – wide and robust guide the heat deep inside the body.

Oak whisks are especially recommended for those with skin issues. Tannins present in oak leaves have an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic use for skin. After using oak whisks the skin becomes mated and elastic. Oak’s aroma prevents excessive blood pressure increase and that is why it is recommended for those prone to high blood pressure.Inhaling oak aroma settles the nervous system, lowers stress levels and boosts our mood.



– Black maple oak whisks

Black maple has been known for ages due to its anti-septic capabilities.

– Mint Oak whisks

Owing to its numerous health benefits mint is an extremely popular herb.

Eucalyptus oak whisks

Aromatic oil- a wide scale research conducted in the last 50 years has proven that eucalyptus oil has anti-septic capabilities and can expand the bronchiolis in the lungs. The entire eucalyptus oil’s effect is stronger than that of merely its main component – cineole.


Eucalyptus has been the traditional natural remedy for infections and fevers among the Aborigines. Nowadays eucalyptus is used around the world to fight those mentioned maladies.


Eucalyptus has anti-septic capabilities and that is why it is very helpful in fighting colds, flus and sore throats.


Eucalyptus is a strong expectorant, used with lung infections like bronchitis and pneumonia.


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