InfraRed 4 DELUXE



…ideal way for a slender body, relaxation and health: a large comfortable and exclusive 2-3 person InfraRed sauna of a higher standard.

InfraRed 4 and Infrared 4 DELUXE models are equipped with glass door and window elements, decorative halogen sauna exterior lighting, aromatherapy set, colourful chromotherapy lighting and radio/CD equipment which makes the sauna session even more pleasurable with the sounds of relaxing music.



Sauna’s structure:

  1. Complete casing of the cabin, ceiling and floor: Canadian fir wood. Inside a bench and backrest.
  2. Door made completely out of tampered glass.
  3. Thermal system: ceramic infrared heaters. Total power: 2100W / 2400 W.
  4. Halogen interior lighting with colour therapy (made with LED).
  5. Decorative exterior lighting of the pedestal (halogen).
  6. Radio with a CD player and a set of speakers. Steered with a remote.
  7. Electronic steering panel allowing for setting the session parameters: temperature and time.
  8. Aromatherapy set: a decorative clay bowl in the shape of a flower, assortment of floral essential oils (5 15ml oils to choose from a set of 24 different floral compositions).
  9.    Power supply: 230V.


Parameters (name, size, power):

InfraRed 4 DELUXE:

Sauna’s dimensions: 155 cm x 155 cm x 194 cm

Power: 2100W / 2400 W.

Realisation time:  2-4 weeks



Warranty: 1 Year Commercial, 2 Year Private




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