Home Corner Saunas – Ready Made Sauna


Saunas of this type are especially good in smaller interiors, where saving space is significant. Entrance to the sauna is placed on the cut-off corner with a glass door. The classic design with modern details will satisfy even the most demanding customers.


The Perhe line of saunas presents the classic models, with a direct link to the accomplishments of the Finnish method of panel saunas. With carefully selected types of wood, our products are ideal for the high temperature conditions and variable humidity. The primary building materials of Perhe saunas is the Scandinavian spruce. We dry it, sand it and give it shape. The 14 mm thick panels which are created cover the interior walls and the majority of the exterior walls of the sauna. The exterior of the roof, the rear wall and one of the side walls are covered in MDF board. In Finnish saunas mineral wool and aluminium foil, which fill the walls, ensure heat retention. Primary furnishings of our classic models include: electric heater, benches, platform, stove housing, headrest and sauna lamp with housing. The door, with a width of 55 cm is made from tempered glass with a thickness of 8 mm in graphite colour. All models can be assembled in the mirror image and the doors as right or left-sided.


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