Garden Sauna – Magnolia – Outdoor Sauna


The classic design with modern details will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Deposit : £1,650.00 Per item


Wall material spruce 40mm
Outer roof spruce 16mm
Interior roof Spruce panel 68mm
Roof material Roof felt
Floor – outer side spruce 16mm
Floor Insulation panel 53mm
Window 1 Antisol Graphite
Window dimension compositeglass 28, 760x1990mm
Exterior door single door spruce
Door dimension 1867x861mm
Inner door Glass Antisol Graphite
Inner door dimension 8mm 550×1775
Total height 2590mm
Frame dimension 3538x2038mm
Available finish raw, one side colour
Sauna equipment
2x linden Sauna bench Incl backrest
1x headrest
2x safety lamp with wooden cover
1x wooden stove housing




We know when you’re ordering a sauna, you want the installation process to go as smoothly and easy as possible. Our professional team will ensure your sauna is constructed safely and to the highest standard. Our service are available nationwide. Our installation service only applies to the assembly of the sauna only. This does not include accessories such as bases, a suitable electrical supply, lifting facilities service etc.

What do you need before you assembly a outdoor/garden sauna?

1 Suitable base – a flat level base/foundation needs to be in place before installation can start.

2. A suitable electrical supply – We very strongly recommend that you use the services of a properly qualified electrician, meeting all the Government Regulations.

What Electrical Supply is required?

Most electric heaters will be listed by their Kilo Watt (kW) size. This is an important guide to firstly the power of the heaters, but also the size of electrical supply needed to safely run the heaters. Our the chart below demonstrates kW in relation to power required. Household generally has a 220-240 volt (V) 100 amp(A) single phase supply cable coming into the main household fuse board. This is then divided down into normal household power and lighting circuits. Adding a large kW heater can overload your installation, so is important to know your power requirements and capabilities. Always consult your qualified electrician for specific installation advice.

1kW approximately equates to a 4A current draw, so:

3.0kW Heaters requires 13A – single phase

4.5kW Heaters requires 20A – single phase

6.0kW Heaters requires 25A – single phase

9.0kW Heaters requires 38A – single phase or 11A Three Phase (440V)

12.0kW Heaters requires 50A – single phase or 17A Three Phase (440V)

Installation can take place only after your garden building has been approved by your local authorities. – Please find more info here:

A sauna building placed in garden would likely not require planning permission provided that:

The height of the building does not exceed—

(I) 4 metres in the case of a building with a dual-pitched roof,

(II) 2.5 metres in the case of a building, enclosure or container within 2 metres of the boundary of the curtilage of the dwellinghouse, or

(III) 3 metres in any other case;

(IV) the height of the eaves of the building does not exceed 2.5 metres


Package include:

– Garden Sauna “Magnolia”

– Electric heaters  9kW

– Stress-Free Installation – Our installation service only applies to the assembly of the sauna only!

Delivery charge depends on location, please email us first!

Realization time : 8-10 weeks after placing an order


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