Barrel Outdoor Sauna (2M)



The garden saunas offered by company have numerous unique benefits, most importantly, they can be used in the same way as a traditional Finnish sauna where the temperature reaches nearly 100 degrees Celsius and the humidity stays at 5-10%, or a sauna with the temperature of 65-80 Celsius with a humidity of 10-30%. We were able to achieve that result with the help of supply and exhaust ventilation system.

The saunas which we offered are made of specially selected spruce, Siberian cedar, larch or thermally modified wood. The nearly 5cm thickness of the walls of the sauna ensures proper isolation even at below freezing temperatures. Owing to such solutions the sauna heats up to 80-110 degrees Celsius in 30 to 45 minutes no matter what the weather conditions outside are.


Barrel Outdoor Sauna (2M)


Sauna standard equipment:

– natural non-impregnated wood – spruce,

– woodburning stove with a chimney

– stones

– benches

– stainless steel bands

– inside platform

– wooden outside door

– sheet metal roof £25.00/m2 – now free


Dimensions: 200cm diameter, 210cm height, 200cm length 2-6 person


Available options:

Natural wood: larch, Siberian cedar £200.00

Additional accessories and options

– shingle or sheet metal roof £35.00/m2

– available shingle colours red, green, graphite

– sheet metal roof £25.00/m2 – now free

– available sheet mtal colours: white, brown, graphite

– bucket £30.00

– hourglass £30.00

– headrest £35.00

– Thermo-hygrometer £30.00

– LED garden sauna lamp £10.00

– 4 hook garden sauna towel hanger £15.00

– sauna upkeep set (cleaner and disinfectant, paraffin oil for impregnation, sponge, gloves, sand paper) £35.00

– Interior impregnation ( teknos ) £100.00

– Exterior impregnation (sadolin ) £200.00


Realization time: 4-6 weeks after placing an order.


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