How to take care of our sauna

First of all after every session remove the water and clean the sauna. Take extra care of the floor and the areas around the legs of each bench. It is necessary to remove all the water, wipe everything with a damp cloth and thoroughly dry the equipment. It is also necessary not to leave any tiny pieces of dirt as they are potential incubators for bacteria.

Cleaning the sauna should always be performed with the use of disinfectors and descalers. The experts suggest using 3% solution of the Hydrogen peroxide (Perhydrol). It does not leave any toxic elements as in contact with air and water it disintegrates. Another solution is to use products based on vinegar, lemon or grapes. It is to prevent chemical and toxic substances from infiltrating the wood and then vaporising under the high temperature in our sauna, and thus to prevent inhalation of those substances.

Apart from cleaning the sauna after each use, we have to remember to clean our sauna with the use of special cleaning agents at least once a week. Additionally once a year all the wooden elements have to be scraped with sand paper or a special grinder. This process cleanses the sauna and extends its useful life and durability.

The glass door and other glass elements should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Limescale can be removed with vinegar. Glass elements should not be cleaned with traditional window cleaners as we could risk inhaling harmful substances when using the sauna.

Sauna should also not be cleaned with pressurised water. First of all too much water is used, and second of all it can damage the wooden elements. It is necessary to always remember about a thorough drying of our sauna after each use, and about the cleaning. Leaving any water inside can lead to the highly unwanted effect of mildew and rot.

Using towel during sauna session also helps to prevent mildew. This way the dripping sweat is caught by the towel, and not the wood, and it is sweat which can act as nutrition to bacteria and mildew.

It is also very important to ensure proper ventilation by heating which leads to drying of the sauna. Neglecting the above rules can lead to damage of the sauna or mildew which will make it completely unfit for use. Mildew wood requires complete replacement.

Thorough, proper and regular maintenance ensures durability and high quality of the sauna and allows us to enjoy it for many years to come.