Health contraindications
When using sauna is not advised

There are some cases when using steam sauna is not the best idea. The specific conditions inside the cabin pose a certain challenge for our organism. Sauna session can heal many health problems, but sometimes it can only make them worse.

The most common illness which rules out a sauna session is a cold. It may seem like a trivial ailment, but visiting a sauna in this state could transform it into something much more serious. The organism is weakened already, it fights bacteria and viruses, and it makes no sense to burden it even more. Besides a sauna session includes rapid changes of temperature (alternate phases of heating up and cooling down), whose aim is to strengthen the organism, but during an illness they only weaken the body more.

A common cold is a contraindication also due to the reason that it is often accompanied by an inflammation of some kind. All the people suffering from arthritis, myositis, internal organs illnesses (cardiovascular disease etc.) can forget about sauna completely. While rheumatism itself does not exclude using sauna, complications it can lead to do. Any cancer changes existing in the organism also make it impossible to use sauna. In the case of varicose veins only those which bleed rule it out as in the less advanced cases sauna session can bring relief. However, we have to remember to sit in the sauna with the legs hanging freely in the air, and once the session is finished – to cool the body down with cold water.

Illnesses are not everything. There are several other conditions which cannot be classified as specific ailments, but still can take the pleasure of Finnish sauna session away from us. Our idea to visit a sauna should be dropped if we are exhausted or dehydrated. That is why this method should never be used to regenerate after extreme sports workout. Exhausted heart operates at a higher intensity, and inside a sauna it would be burdened twice as much. This could lead to blood circulation problems. Besides, forcing the body to sweat when it has already been dehydrated can lead to unconsciousness and in severe cases even to death.

We should always remember not to visit sauna under the influence of any abusive substances. For instance alcohol is renowned for its dehydrating effect. Sauna would only strengthen this and unnecessarily overburden the kidneys which need large amounts of water to neutralise the alcohol. Abusive substances consist largely of toxins. Even though sauna is known for cleansing the body of them, it will certainly not manage to do so with such large amounts.

It is worth knowing about the contraindications of using sauna. It is also worth following the guidelines. The second we regain our strength, we can return to our favourite pastime.

Remember! Before the first visit at a sauna consult your doctor. Especially if you suffer from any illness or your general health worries you.

Knowledge source: I Fritsche MD, W.Fritsche Alles über Saunabaden (contains medical guidelines, for instance “The Rules of sauna use”) translated for Corso LTD the owner of website