Electric sauna heater or sauna wood-burning stove?

Electric sauna heater or sauna wood-burning stove?

Tradition vs modernism – the everlasting combat with no winner.

Does this also apply to the type of sauna heat source? As in any case both the traditional solutions (wood burning stove), and the modern ones (electric heater) have their pros and cons. Learn the characteristics of both and decide which heater your in-house sauna needs.

wood-burning wood-heated sauna
Tradition vs Modernism

The kind of heater is largely dependent on the type of sauna. It would be quite difficult to imagine a traditional Finnish sauna equipped with an ultra-modern electric heater, and conversely – a wood burning stove is in no way suitable for an Infrared sauna full of electronic devices.

In many cases technology itself is not the main issue. A wood burning stove is largely based on modern solutions after all. It could potentially be equipped with numerous necessary detectors, but style-wise it just would not „go” with the old type sauna. On the other hand, market also offers perfectly camouflaged furnaces which look very well in modern saunas while at the same time being heated by burned wood and filled with rocks.

electric sauna heater or wood-burning stove

Electric heaters gain more popularity these days. And no wonder why – they are simply easy to maintain. Setting and monitoring the temperature in those heaters is very simple. Besides, an electric heater is very convenient. It is not messy which makes it perfectly fitting for those who are fond of cleanliness. With this type of a heater the owner does not have to worry about buying and storing the wood. The main characteristic of an electric heater can be described in two words: on/off!

Will the electric heater ever oust the traditional furnaces?

Certainly not, just as the television has not ousted the books! And just as books are chosen by the less numerous group of true reading connoisseurs, the wood furnace is chosen by the true enthusiasts of saunas and their history. They believe no electric heater can compare with the traditional furnace. The heat coming from wood furnace is somewhat “lighter and friendlier”. Strange comparison? To understand it you have to test it on your own skin. Owing to regular sauna visits we learn to notice the subtle differences between the certain types and enjoy the natural microclimate created by wood. A wood furnace is also simply a more economical solution. It will be appreciated by anyone who does not want to pay high energy bills or does not have electricity source on the plot.

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