Before buying a sauna

You consider buying your own sauna?

Wonderful idea! Now you face several more decisions. One of them is to answer the question about the type of sauna which would be best suited for you. First thought – all depends on the technical conditions - on the size of the room where the cabin is to be placed or the size of the plot on which we want to locate the sauna, on the existing power sources, possibilities to locate the shower or mini-pool. What if we were to tell you that all the above are in fact secondary factors, and the most important thing are your own sauna preferences? Choice of a specific sauna is pretty much dependent on the user’s private preferences. Some people do not like it when the air is too dry, others do not react to well to high humidity. The aim we want to use the sauna for is also extremely important. Below we present some basic information on the most popular types of saunas.

Traditional or Finnish sauna

Traditional sauna, also called Finnish or dry sauna, is a room made completely out of wood or partially lined with wood. The heat source is a furnace which heats the room to 75-110°C and the rocks placed on its top and watered with a ladle cause steam formation which keeps the humidity at a level from 3 to 25%. In a traditional sauna we lay comfortably at the preferred height on a bench. Depending on our mood and preference we can choose several levels, keeping in mind that the higher we lay, the hotter it will be.

Infrared cabin / Infrared sauna

This type of sauna operates in infrared (IR). It differs from the traditional sauna mainly in the source of heat emission. Instead of a furnace with hot stones it has special IR emitters installed. Visually the two types of sauna are quite similar (both cabins are made of wood), but the experience each of them gives us is completely different.

Infrared heats our skin, and not the air around us. That is why this type of sauna is a perfect fit for those who do not like being in high heat rooms and breathing hot air. IR brings us the desired effects at the temperature between 30 to 60 °C and humidity around merely 5-25 %.

Steam room

Temperature in the steam room is around 40 - 55°C and the air has a very high humidity which reaches as much as 100% which makes the real feel temperature much higher. The temperature and humidity are automatically managed – instead of a heater a steamer is used – a special generator which is placed by the floor. Due to high humidity steam rooms are built of ceramics or plastics.