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Why to buy Outdoor sauna/Garden sauna or Barrel Sauna?

The Garden Saunas, Outdoor Sauna or Barrel Sauna offered have numerous unique benefits, most importantly, they can be used in the same way as a traditional Finnish sauna where the temperature reaches nearly 100 degrees Celsius and the humidity stays at 5-10%, or a sauna with the temperature of 65-80 Celsius with a humidity of 10-30%. They were able to achieve that result with the help of supply and exhaust ventilation system.




Shortly speaking Wellness is a healthy lifestyle in all the spheres, whose aim is to keep the balance between mind, body and spirit. Wellness considers human’s mental, physical, emotional, intellectual and economical needs.  It has been known for ages that “a sound mind lies in a sound body” but despite that knowledge not many people do much to keep their spirit happy and healthy. Wellness, just as aromatherapy is a long-term process, but keeping a healthy lifestyle for an extended period of time will help us sustain positive energy and thus be healthier and happier. That is why instead of popping more chemical based supplements and medications let us try to change our lifestyle. There is no specific guideline for a Wellness style of life as each of us perceives our surroundings a bit differently. There are, however, several elements well known to us which describe the Wellness World.


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InfraRed 4 DELUXE

InfraRed 4 and Infrared 4 DELUXE models are equipped with glass door and window elements, decorative halogen sauna exterior lighting, aromatherapy set, colourful chromotherapy lighting and radio/CD equipment which makes the sauna session even more pleasurable with the sounds of relaxing music.



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