HUUM HIVE WOOD 13kW has taken the ancient wisdom of building sauna heaters to a new level. The most sensitive component of the wood-fired heater, the flame tamer, is made of 5 mm thick stainless steel and is therefore exceptionally durable. HIVE WOOD is available also with a firebox extension, which allows you to heat the sauna from another room.



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Technical details

Property name Value
Sauna room min. (m3) 6
Sauna room max. (m3) 13
Dimensions width (mm) 455
Dimensions height (mm) 750
Dimensions depth (mm) 460
Dimensions diameter, (mm) 550
Stone capacity max. (kg) 90
Heater output (kW) 17
Safety distance to sides and back / wood and bricks (mm) 250/50
Safety distance to front (mm) 500
Safety distance from upper surface to ceiling min. (mm) 1200
Fire chamber cover (mm) 30
Location of smoke outlets at rear: from floor to centre of hole (mm)
Location of smoke outlets on top: from rear edge to centre of hole (mm)
Diameter of smoke outlet (mm) 115
Weight (kg) 45
Adjustable legs on stove body, (mm)
Adjustable legs on frame, (mm)
Maximum length of firewood, (mm) 300
Minimum hole width in the wall, (mm)
Minimum hole height in the wall, (mm)
Maximum hole depth in the wall, (mm)
Water heating
Water tank, (liter)


SAUNA WOODBURNING STOVE HUUM HIVE 13  KIT – HUUM HIVE 13 + Chimney  Harvia WHP1500+ Sauna Stones


The Harvia WHP1500 steel chimney is a stylish, stainless steel chimney solution that is easy to install. The steel chimney withstands extensive changes in temperature and has mainly been designed for use with wood-heated stoves, smaller fireplaces and iron stoves in detached sauna buildings. The standard delivery of the steel chimney includes the steel chimney and a utility box with 1.0 m of non-insulated smoke pipe, a rain cap, a rubber rain flange and an installation set for the rain flange, a stainless steel lead-through flange for the ceiling and a lead-through insulation and protector. Thanks to an ingenious joint mechanism, the steel chimney can easily be extended. Choose top-of-the-line Harvia quality.


Set includes:

– HUUM HIVE 13 Sauna Stove


– 110kg Sauna Stones


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